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17 Mar

When education commentators turn their attention to the teaching of reading in Australian schools, they often use metaphors of war. They talk about the reading wars as if our classrooms are sites of intense battle.

Stewart Riddle, Senior Lecturer, University of Southern Queensland and Eileen Honan, Senior Lecturer, School of Education, The University of Queensland

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

24 Feb

Around one in five Australian school students don’t find school engaging, which means they are less likely to learn properly.. It’s an issue that tends to worsen as students become older. study showed that in year 7, 70% of students observed found school engaging, but in year 9, this dropped to 55%. Part of the reason is that the brightest kids are not being challenged enough, leading to students becoming disconnected and disengaged from their studies.

Pearl Subban, Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Monash University

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article.

08 Apr

Homework Please!

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When I was a kid I loved homework. I used to hang out at my friends’ houses and ask them if they had any to spare; maybe a few grammar questions from English, or an unfinished maths problem? But I guess that’s because I’m a nerd, and I’ve always enjoyed studying. Is there a way to encourage your children to enjoy studying? That’s the BIG QUESTION, isn’t it? As teachers and tutors, if we can motivate our kids, we really make our own lives easy. I recently read a book called Flowthe psychology of optimal experience.

14 Mar

Help Your Tutor Help Your Child

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Tutored children learning visually in front of an abacus

Here at The Brain Factory we like to get creative with learning, we enjoy finding different approaches to communicating with your kids, to encourage them to delight in learning and begin to grow as the brainiacs they are. (I believe everyone has an inner nerd, eager to stretch out and take hold of the world at large).  As parents, you spend...


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