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The key aim of our accounting tutors is to ensure the student understands the principles and history of accounting, and appreciates the accountant's role in all walks of business and finance. Accounting skills are critical to many industries and careers and having a solid knowledge of accounting history and regulation will prepare students for success in the field.
Our tutors encourage students to develop a wider understanding and an eye for detail in the preparation of these important statements. We believe that every student is capable of producing an excellent result given they are aware of the rules and can utilise their skills to analyse simple and complex transactions.
The use of technology in modern accounting is extremely important and allows students to apply their skills in the real world. Most accounting employers will require knowledge of at least two bookkeeping softwares, so having a good basic understanding of these softwares can create a competitive advantage.
Students will learn that there is more to accounting than numbers on a page. By analysing and interpreting financial statements and transactions using ratios and benchmarks, the student will gain an appreciation for the meaning behind the numbers. Having an advanced understanding can make a huge difference when it comes to performing under exam conditions or when new problems are presented.

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