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It is integral that students have a basic understanding of Keynesian Economics, which is the basis of how modern economies work in theory. Our tutors will help your child learn about the different economies around the world and the influences that affect decisions of the Federal Government and the Reserve Bank.
Our tutors have detailed knowledge of economic trends and instances demonstrating the application of economic theory and have excellent tools for remembering the relevant cases and how they connect with one another. It is the aim of the tutor to provide their students with this set of tools and the skills to use them.
Again, it is necessary for economics students to understand how economies are affected by the decisions of and policies designed by the RBA and Federal Government. As the economic world is ever-changing, our tutors will teach your child the proper research skills in order to find such information, as well as imparting the relevant examples from their existing knowledge base.
It is important in any subject for the student to know how examiners and teachers expect them to respond to problems. It is often a very useful practice to study the mark allocation of similar or past assessments, particularly in economics, for this will illuminate pitfalls and relevant pathways to the student, enabling them to keep only the useful information in their responses.

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