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Students study texts in every secondary year level of English. The ability to interpret and discuss the ideas presented in texts depends on the student’s ability to critically assess language use, symbolism, and other literary techniques. Our English tutors have strong analytical skills and tools that they will impart to their students over time, preparing them for text studies at all year levels.
Students must have a detailed understanding of language to be able to infer meaning from what they read. Our tutors will help their students to improve their comprehension and analytical skills by encouraging the student to delve deeper into the subtext – the meaning behind the words. We aim to help the student develop a wider viewpoint and experience the words from different angles.
The ability to critically reflect on your own work is a necessary skill in many walks of life. Whether the piece is intended to persuade readers or simply present and discuss ideas, our tutors equip their students with the skills required to effectively plan, write and reflect upon/edit their own work. We aim to ensure that students are not missing out on valuable additional marks for their work through common errors.
Clear and concise expression coupled with correct grammar and spelling is key to achieving your best in English. Many students are highly thoughtful and analytical but struggle with expressing themselves under pressure. Some students come from a non-English-speaking background and need assistance with the intricacies of the English language. Our tutors aim to help the student improve both their expression and grammar through reading and practice.
Our tutors are happy to read and mark essays for students and give detailed advice on where improvements can be made. Essays can be forwarded to tutors online via email or social networks for your convenience. We can assist in the preparation of detailed essay plans, which will cover the range of essay questions that students may be presented with during their exams.

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