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Classes are currently offered for year 11-12 students as an extra source of preparation. These classes cover the foundations of essay writing; good use of language and grammar skills and will help students to expand their vocabulary. Throughout the course we study one novel and some persuasive articles, cover analysis skills, language comprehension, essay planning and proofreading skills.
Classes are currently offered for year 11-12 students who are having difficulties in VCE Further Maths and Maths Methods. The courses will cover an array of foundational concepts including linear algebra, trigonometry, equation solving and sketching techniques and also look at past exams. The courses are designed to solidify foundations and then reinforce what is being learned in VCE Maths. Students will be equipped with an array of skills that will help them to excel in school and their exams.

We also offer a Maths practice-exam marking service via e-mail for students who want quick feedback and/or worked solutions.
There are many advantages to learning in a group environment. Students will be involved in group discussions throughout our courses and are encouraged to help each other, whether it be with a complex equation or planning an essay. In this setting, students have the ability to bounce ideas off of their peers and work together to improve their collective understanding.
Our English and Maths courses are intended as a preparation tool. Students will be taught valuable skills and methodologies in a short time frame, and given extra material for practice, to ensure they are revising their new skills. Rather than an ongoing tuition arrangement, our courses are designed to illuminate key areas where students often struggle, provide them an outline of areas to improve and also to provide the foundations for that improvement.

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