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Extensive coverage of all the skills required to write a good essay, including vocabulary, structure and syntax. Our tutors mark essays and provide detailed feedback to students, going through their mistakes with them in depth in order to help them improve.
The foundation of any excellent essay is a detailed understanding of the text the essay is based on. Our tutors are capable of exploring any text a student is studying in close detail, to give students a stable foundation of understanding which they can draw on to write their essays.
Our tutors have an excellent understanding of the content of English exams and the marking criteria which school teachers and VCE markers apply to students’ work. They can use that understanding to help students to prepare for their essays, with a particular focus on a solid textual understanding and ensuring that students can plan and write excellent essays on their own under exam conditions.
Our tutors aim to find the areas in which students are struggling the most, whether more complex topics like trigonometry or simples ones like fractions. This enables them to focus on key areas where their students are actually struggling in order to ensure that limited exam preparation time is used as effectively as possible.

We also offer a Maths practice-exam marking service via e-mail for students who want quick feedback and/or worked solutions.
All of our tutors have taken exams before. They know that they can be daunting, especially at the VCE level. But they also know that they can be made less daunting. We help students deal with the preparation side of exams, but we also impart our tutors experience regarding what to do when you first sit down in the chair and the examiner says begin. This is often invaluable to students who already find a lot of the material challenging.

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