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In order for students to fully understand content, they must see events both as individual occurrences and as a series. This necessitates working to two separate goals, so while our tutors give students the necessary knowledge to respond to questions about specific events relating to the content, it will be am emphasis of the study that all of their work reflects an understanding of the overarching themes that demonstrate high-level thinking skills.
VCE Revolutions follows a relatively rigid question and answer format, to which exceptionally broad ranges of inquiry need to be tied for students to be able to attain high marks. The work students will be doing in preparation for both SACs will be designed to mirror this experience. Our tutors can help your child learn to create one or two sentence responses to image analysis and longer responses to mid-range questions reflecting sensible use of a range of examples that also demonstrate scope.
Understanding history is about more than remembering events and trends; students need to be able to demonstrate a comprehension of debates as historians argue over the nature of the events in order to give their longer responses. In order to achieve this, tutors will help their students first establish a relatively neutral understanding of events, and then build upon this through discussions of what people have said/have to say about them. This skill is also particularly useful in subjects such as English and Global Politics, wherein the students are encouraged to think as independently as possible and grasp fundamental dialectic reasoning.
Throughout the year, students will build up the capacity to respond to complicated questions in shorter time periods than they would have been in SACs. To ensure this occurs as naturally as possible, the sort of work undertaken both in the class and at home should be aligned to this curve, and students should be aware of the expectations for increasing difficulty. To this intent, assessments need to be timed, students need to effectively operate (to an extent!) as biological stopwatches. While developing this capacity to work to time, it is intended that students will see themselves as a proactive force helping to minimise their stress and promote peak performance come the examination period. Not only will this amount to a greater capacity to respond to a challenging examination, but it will build upon concentration skills and be felt across the board in all of their studies - all work is a contribution to the general skill set.

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