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Legal studies is a relatively unique class in that most of the top students get there through developing the capacity to see exactly what assessors want in responses. As a result, teaching it involves both a memorable explanation of the concepts and an emphasis on mark allocation. Our tutors will help your child with critical reflection, an important skill in legal studies. Tutorship will focus on imparting these skills through involved learning, and students can expect to start to see questions as a checklist rather than a debatable thought.
Responding to legal studies questions becomes a kind of checklist. While this is a skill that needs to be cultivated, it is pivotal that the students know the content with which to fill the checklist in order to progress. This reflects a wealth of knowledge that is built upon from the first lessons until the examination, and eventually the student has to be able recall specific ideas at will – a lot of rote learning is involved in the subject. Our tutors will creatively quiz and discuss ideas with their students; useful methods of bringing out this developing understanding. Students can expect to regularly summarise and reflect upon earlier work.
The VCE Legal Studies course is grounded to both a number of important concepts but also a select number of cases. Students will, as part of Unit 3, have to refer to them explicitly (and they can pop up anywhere in the exam!) but it is also important that students come to understand that their effect goes beyond the cases themselves. The larger, evaluative essays in their final exam often involve a simple reflection on some of these cases to earn full marks. Our tutors can help students learn these cases back-to-front, forming an important knowledge base for their study in this subject.
Once the students have learned content, it is important that is not forgotten. Success in Legal Studies requires in-depth content knowledge, the skills to interpret respond to questions, and visualisation of conceptual undercurrents. All three of these skills can be built up through regular study of work from throughout the year. In this respect, Exam preparation really commences with the first SAC: students can expect to revise, reuse and recycle SAC content to build a detailed understanding of the subject as a whole.

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