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Maths is a skill that is needed in many walks of life. From experience, our tutors know that many students have holes in their mathematical knowledge. We believe it should be a key focus of any educator to ensure their student develops a well-grounded understanding of the basic mathematical skills before trying attempting to advance their knowledge. From times tables to algebraic techniques, you can be assured that your tutor will help solidify your child’s comprehension of fundamental skills.
Equipping students with the knowledge to tackle new and abstract problems starts with the language. Most students struggle with these types of problems because the language is difficult to translate into its mathematical equivalent. Our tutors will help to develop your child’s analytical skills and their ability to decipher such problems through exposure and by inventing and getting the student to invent analogous situations.
We know how important it is to feel prepared on the day of your test, so our tutors offer the added service of marking practice tests. This is beneficial to your child as they can go through these tests with their tutor and analyse the types of errors that occur, which will ultimately help your child to reduce their frequency. Revision will be a regular part of your child’s tuition too – our tutors are keenly aware of how easy it is to forget skills if they are not practiced.
Much like preparation for tests, SAC and exam preparation is necessary in order for students to feel both ready and confident. The difference is that preparing for these assessments can be a year-long process, if not longer, and so our maths tutors make a point of helping their students design summary workbooks from the moment they begin working together.
We offer tuition for all junior years of secondary mathematics and have a team of expert tutors available for all VCE maths subjects. Whether your child is struggling with their knowledge or looking to excel, we can help them to achieve their goals.

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