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Whether revising for an assessment or simply developing one’s knowledge, it is important that students have a thorough understanding of music notation. This knowledge is required for higher order tasks such as rhythmic and melodic dictation, which are must-have skills for VCE music that our tutors can help your child to develop.
Aural or ‘listening’ skills are a key area of music theory – Students must learn to discern between intervals and write down chord patterns with only the information they hear. This takes dedication to learn well, but with our tutor’s guidance and the learning resources in our music library your child can build up this skill and be ready for the component in VCE music.
This is again an important precursor: Scales, chords, inversions, diatonic structures and relative keys are just some of the concepts that students must have a firm grasp of in order to succeed in VCE music. Our music tutors help their students learn the theory using a variety of memory skills such as mnemonics and visual aids.
Our experienced Guitar Tutor has had many years of performing experience and outstanding results in his music studies. He teaches students to play guitar with an approach that suits their needs and interests and believes that the whilst the theory component is important, beginning students should have a lot of choice in terms of the types of music they learn so as to build their skills while maintaining their interest.

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