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We have a team of experienced primary educators who can help your child to develop and consolidate their skills.

Our tutors are friendly, provide structured lessons for students and are patient and always willing to alter their approach to help their students.


The basics of literacy are necessary for all educational endeavours. Skills such as understanding letters, sounds, letter combinations, vocabulary and writing are central. Our tutors are able to present information in ways that suit the needs of students at all levels and make use of visual techniques and technological aids to improve student understanding.
Many students fall behind in numeracy early on in their school career. We aim to help build your child's interest and motivation in mathematics, so they can achieve a lifetime of good results. Numbers are presented to children using real-life examples and as many visual aids and applets as we can find, to help students relate to the subject matter.
Tutors can assist students in completing their studies during the week. By teaching skills such as time management, motivation and efficient study habits, we can help your child to become an independent learner. Tutors can assist students with completing their homework to a high standard and in a timely manner.
Students who have learning difficulties or physical disablements can learn with one of our experienced Special Ed. tutors. Our team aims to support students of all skill levels and to help them improve their study habits, time management, motivation and concentration. Appropriate study plans can be formed in consultation with the student's parents, teacher and behavioural/medical professional(s).

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