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Any academic will be able to tell you that the sources you use when conducting research need to be of a certain standard, and that there are methods of ensuring validity of the research you cite. Knowledge of the world of academic publications is especially necessary in tertiary studies, but is also very important in VCE and as such our tutors endeavour to build their student’s skills in these areas from an earlier age.
It is similarly important that students learn the structure of scientific reports and presentations – providing the reader with a clear indication of what you set out to find, how environmental factors were controlled, and a discussion of your results (whether they agree with hypotheses or not) are integral skills in report writing. Our tutors can help students learn report structure and how to make the language flow smoothly.
This is beneficial to your child as they can go through assessments with their tutor and analyse the types of errors that occur, which will ultimately help your child to reduce their frequency. Revision will be a regular part of your child’s tuition too – our tutors are keenly aware of how easy it is to forget skills if they are not practiced. Our tutors can also help your child utilise specific memory tactics such as mind maps or mnemonics.


Tutors available for General Science (Introductory Chemistry, Biology and Physics) studies for years 7-10.


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