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When conducting research, sources need to be of a certain standard, and there are methods of ensuring validity of the research you cite in your own work. Knowledge of the world of academic publications is especially necessary in tertiary studies, but is also important in VCE and so a key focus of our tutors is to ensure this is understood before their students continue on a path of higher study.
Psychology students must develop the skills to design and organise their investigations, communicate their findings effectively, test assumptions (while accounting for the context of data), work as an individual and as a member of a team, and utilise information technology to organise data. Our tutors can help students grow as scientists and learn to plan, enact and communicate the findings of their investigations effectively.
VCE Psychology is particularly difficult for some because of the sheer amount of information students are expected to remember. Our tutors will help your child to identify key indicators in the language of problems and develop strategies to recall the relevant content. This skill is as useful in humanities and mathematics as it is in the sciences and hence it is a primary focus of our tuition team.
As with any subject, SAC and exam preparation is necessary in order for students to feel both confident and well equipped. At first the concepts in VCE Psychology can be difficult to grasp and apply to new situations, but over time our tutors will make sure your child has enough practice and a strong enough understanding of the core ideas to succeed.

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