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I’d like to recommend Craig as a maths tutor because he helped my son through his VCE years. Tom was struggling to begin with, but The Brain Factory was able to provide a tutor who showed a passion for helping him to improve his grades.

Improved from a 60% average to a 38 study score in Maths Methods.


Vanessa K

I would recommend Ben as a tutor to a friend because he always shows you how to get the answer by taking you through the steps and lets you figure out the answer rather than him just doing it. When you’re unsure on something he will show you how to do it to clear things up. The other good thing is that I can e-mail Ben if I'm not sure on... Read more

Maggie A from Murrumbeena (Year 4) - Maths Student

I would like to recommend my tutor, Matthew to any student who needs help in math and science because he demonstrates his ability very clear and helps me understand. Before I was struggling in math and I never liked math because I don't know how to do it and it was very hard to me. Now I like math because I had fun in doing it and I get my... Read more

Eric H from Bayswater (Year 8) - Maths Student

We are very happy with Andrew, our daughter’s English tutor – He is patient, friendly and knows his subject well. So far we have seen a big improvement in our daughter’s motivation towards doing her homework and in parent-teacher interviews her teacher mentioned that she had really improved her essay writing in the last few months. We... Read more

Anita from Brighton - English Student

Ben tutored my daughter in Mathematical Methods for both year 11 and year 12. She typically struggled with numbers in the past, and Ben’s patience and clear instructions greatly assisted her. He took pride in making sure she was confident with the material before moving on to new modules and lessons. The best outcome that came... Read more

Danielle from Ormond

I used to hate maths, but David has shown me how it can be really useful outside of school, and how it’s connected to music. Getting answers right has always felt good, but now that I know what the numbers mean I actually kind of like doing the maths.

Tracey is a bright student with an interest in the arts and music that felt... Read more

Tracey C. 17 - Maths Student

We just wanted to say thank you for all the maths tutoring you have provided our three children ranging from year 7 to year 12 over the past 12 months. Not only are we and the children happy with their results after each term but they all now have the confidence in their maths classes at school. We also appreciate the flexibility you have... Read more

D & N from East Malvern

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